Facts about Voss Municipality

Voss is a municipality and area in the District of Vestland county, Western Norway. To the North, Voss is bordering upon Vik, to the east, Ulvik, to the south, Ullensvang and Kvam, and to  the west, Vaksdal. As of october 2020, the municipality had about 15,791 inhabitants, and with its 2041 sq. km (ca. 788 sq. miles) it is one of the largest municipality in Hordaland. The largest population center is Vossevangen with about 6,828 inhabitants. Here we also find a number of fine educational institutions.

Voss is a municipality in rapid growth and anticipating extensive development in the next few years. Many new homes will be built, and a considerable growth of businesses and employment opportunities is expected. 

Vossevangen is situated at the convergence of several highways, and the Bergen-Oslo railroad, and it is centrally located between Bergen and a number of destinations in Western Norway. The main road, E16, is close to the population center and gives easy access eastward and westward.  Business establishments are scattered over large parts of the municipality, but mainly in central areas along the railroad and main roads. Vossevangen has stores in most categories, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, service industries and many cultural sites.  East of the population center, we find a large shopping center and several business establishments, such as auto dealerships in Skulestadmo and  the Voss Business Park Istad.

Voss is a popular tourist destination offering extensive open air activities, both organized and unorganized, for all levels of physical activity.   Here we find, opportunities for all types of skiing,   two Alpine resorts, one  ski and tour center, and easy access to many skiing trails, that can be used both summer and winter. Moreover, the municipality offers very good fishing and hunting opportunities. Voss is hosting many large events, some annually and some ad hoc, such as the Extreme Sports Week, the world’s largest arrangement of extreme sports, the Voss Cup, Norway’s largest soccer tournament for youth up to 12 years of age, and Voss Jazz and Orchestra festivals.

Voss Business Park Istad:


  • Already established area
  • Very good central location in Western Norway
  • Located in one of  Norway’s most attractive regions
  • Effective logistical solutions
  • Large areas, with various size options for businesses
  • Supplied with infrastructure
  • Competitive prices

The establishment of Voss Business Park is a part of Voss Municipality's major investment in the development of increased business activity.  There is availability of good and flexible building sites with sizes adjusted to the individual business needs.  Large resources have been spent to make the business park attractive both for businesses and visitors. Voss Municipality is offering all necessary infrastructures in the area, including easy access to the residences.

The Business Park is managed by the real estate company Voss Eigedom AS. The company conducts building of all necessary infrastructure in the area towards each site boundary and workup of sites according to an agreement with the buyer.

As of January 2021, there were about 280 dekares (ca. 69,5 acres) of space available in the area, of which about  284 dekares ( ca. 70 acres) have been sold to 35 businesses and organizations. There are businesses in several categories, such as entrepreneurial and construction firms, technology businesses, VVS-chain stores, transportation companies, wholesale distributors,  lumber yards  etc.


The Business Park is situated in a relatively flat area on the North side of Highway 13 between Voss and Granvin, about 250 meters (ca. 822 feet) above sea level. The area surrounding the park consists mainly of cultural landscape, including residential properties. The surroundings offer many natural landscapes that are used for orienteering races and training areas for dog sports. East of the business park we find the idyllic Moen Lake with camping, swimming, and fishing opportunities. From the Business Park there are good east- west, and north-south connections.  The distance to the population center, Vossevangen, is approximately   10 km (ca. 6 miles ) Here you find an ample selection of stores, restaurants, hotels, as well as specialty stores.


Granvin – 15km (ca. 9 miles)

Hardanger Fjord Bridge/State Road  #7 - 22km (ca. 13.6 miles)

Bergen City Center – 112 km (ca. 70 miles)

Bergen Flesland Airport – 110 km (ca. 68 miles)

About the Development Plan

The development plan for Voss Business Park Istad includes the construction of main roads and other necessary infrastructure. Focus is being made on improving the quality of the areas by the establishment of differentiated businesses and the erection of good sound barriers.

The development area constitutes 640 dekares (ca. 160 acres) in total. The net area without infrastructure and 6 areas for residences constitutes 572 dekares (ca. 143 acres).  The plan is divided into two areas with businesses, 8 areas with business offices, industry and one area with businesses and food stores and specialty services. In addition, areas have been reserved  for water drainage, telecommunications, and roads. The plan is to protect the open view and cultural environment.

Description of development area:

Development Area 1 is located by the Western entrance to the business park, near existing stores and is open for businesses, stores, and specialty stores. The area has been evaluated as well suited for establishment of rest areas, parking for trailers and the building of hotels, gas stations and electric charging stations.

Area 1

Areas  2-9 are  reserved for businesses, offices, and industry. Here space is available for the establishment of large commerce activity, production activity, small businesses within IT (internet technology), electrical establishments, plumbers, mechanical activity, food and transportation activities. In connection with the activities, space will be provided for offices, administration, and service. In areas 2, 3, and 4, most exposed, there will be emphasis on shielding of the outdoor storage areas. These demands will be lessened when areas are farther removed from main highways.

Area 2-9

Areas 10 and 11 are planned for pure commercial development. Here, businesses requiring large space will be established, but not business activities engaging in commerce and space demanding goods.  In this area, it is desirable, but no specific demands for shielding of outdoor storage places.

Area 10-11


The roads are planned in such a way that it will be easier to make driveways to individual building sites. The planned building sites are flexible so that they can be adjusted to the various business needs.

The main roads through the park will be arbored to make the areas more attractive and to obstruct views into businesses. One wishes to hinder the area from appearing with large fallow spaces. Local vegetation will be used as indicated in a separate document.

In the regulation plans there is a demand for documentation of the placing of the buildings, exits, parking, and small structures on terrain on adjacent areas, vegetation areas, planting, lighting, signage, and the handling of garbage. In the plan there is a requirement that all the building sites establish a 2 meter (6.56 feet) wide vegetation belt between the roads and used areas.

Building of Infrastructure*

Building of infrastructure in the business park is divided into 4 steps. Step 1, 2 and 3 are already finished. The areas are marked in yellow and green on the map. Step 4 marked in red is expected to be ready in the course of 2022-2024.

*road, water, drainage, electricity, telephone, broadband/fiber

Sales Process

Purchase of sites in Voss Business park starts when the buyer indicates interest, size of space needed, and a building schedule. Then the buyer meets a representative of the business park for a viewing of the possible building sites. During the viewing, the needs of the buyer will be discussed, regulation  and other rules. When the buyer finds a satisfactory building site, he will get the first purchase option and a preliminary price offer. The option typically applies to  a period of 1-3 months, which is usually the time the purchaser needs  to  start building on the site.

When the building project is confirmed, the purchase contract will be worked out. When the parties have agreed, the contract will be sent to the buyer for signing. Thereupon the purchase contract will be confirmed by the administration of Voss municipality.

When the purchase contract is approved/signed, the buyer will prepare a building application, which will be submitted to the Voss municipality.

Information and application can be found on: www.dibk.no/saksbehandling/byggsok/Byggesaksblanketter or www.voss.herad.no if one is only applying for  putting up a garage or a smaller structure.

Contact Information:

Voss Eigedom AS v/dagleg leiar/Director  Svein Erik Aldal, telephone +47 952 62 066, email svein.e.aldal@vosseigedom.no


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